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    Stay connected

    SilverLink is a connected home-health monitoring platform for older adults. The SilverLink system is designed to provide both family-based care as well as community (professional) based care.

    Low cost

    Our technology and design provides passive home monitoring for less than $30 per month.


    Your privacy and comfort are our priority. Our sensors are designed to blend with your surroundings so you won’t even notice they exist.

    24*7 passive monitoring

    SilverLink will continuously monitor daily activities including medication, food intake and more.

    Status updates and alerts

    SilverLink will alert family members in case an emergency is detected. The SilverLink web portal is designed to allow on-the-go viewing of status updates via laptop, tablet or smartphone.

    Advanced health analytics

    We don’t just monitor your activities but go beyond basic care to provide advanced analytics with health progression monitoring and fall risk prediction.

    Hassle-free set up

    The SilverLink team will help you set up your home monitoring system making the process really simple!! No Internet connection is required.

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