How does it work

Installation and set up

Your SilverLink product box includes one gateway, 4 object sensors and 1 wearable sensor.

Setting up

Setting up your SilverLink system is really easy!

1) Plug your gateway into a power source

2) Place the object sensors around the house and use the wearable sensor as a pendant/keychain

3) Switch on the gateway

Voila! your system is ready for use. No additional setup required!

Use cases

Place object sensors on any object of your choice, e.g., refrigerator door, pillbox, chair, etc. The location of the sensor can be used to monitor a specific application as is shown in the table below:

Recommended objects to attach the sensor Use cases
Pillbox the user has taken his/her medication
Refrigerator Door the user has eaten a meal
Shower Curtain the user has taken a shower
Front door the user has opened or closed the front door