FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

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Why SilverLink?

SilverLink provides the following benefits to all users:
1) Peace of mind
2) Freedom & independence
3) 24 * 7 customer care

Who will set up and install the system?

Our care team will install and set up the system for you.

How much will the system cost?

As this is the testing phase, we will provide you our product and all services associated with it for free.

Will someone be able to watch me at my house?

No, there is no videotaping involved and no one will be able to view what is going on inside your house. The sensors will record limited activities in the form of data, e.g. YES if a door is opened/closed, etc.

Will the data collected be securely stored?

Yes, we are very particular about data privacy and any information gathered during the study will be anonymized under IRB rules.Also, the data collected will be used solely for the purpose of quality improvement. Data will not be published or displayed anywhere without formal consent of the participant.